Accreditation application

General conditions

Accreditation is reserved to film industry professionals and press members only.

A form corresponding to each of the Professional categories is available to fill in on this website via the link below. Application does not give automatic right to accreditation. Accreditation does not in any case mean that the festival will cover accommodation, travel, food or any other costs. Acceptance of accreditation is submitted to approval by the accreditation committee of the festival and according to availability.  You will receive confirmation as soon as possible.  

Accreditation is nominative, free, individual and personal. It allows free access to all the screenings and most festival events, except opening and closing ceremonies and festival parties which are accessible on invitation. 

A LIMITED NUMBER OF FREE ACCREDITATIONS can be issued per structure. Accreditation is in no case automatically renewed every year.   
Subscriptions will be sold before and during the festival and will give access to all the screenings. The documents to enclose with each application are detailed in the form corresponding to your occupation (sponsors, press members or film industry professionals). Please also enclose a photo (jpeg format)


Badges will be ready for pick up from the festival desk.  


Fill in the accreditation industry professional badge form online.

Fill in the accreditation press badge form online.