Juries official competition

  • President: RAOUL PECK (Haiti)

Writer, director, producer (Haiti)
Born in Port-au-Prince, Raoul Peck was raised in the Congo, then in Europe. After finishing his engineering studies at the University of Berlin, he entered the Academy of Cinema and Television of Berlin (DFFB). He has directed feature films such as «Lumumba» (2000), «Sometimes in April» (2005) and «Moloch Tropical» (2009) (Berlinale 2010), as well as a number of short films and documentaries. He presided over the Fonds Sud Cinéma commission from 2000-2002. Peck is a Chevalier of Arts and Literature in France. In January, 2010, he was named president of FEMIS, the famous French school of cinema.


Joseph Gaï Ramaka was born Born in Saint Louis, Senegal. His short film «Ainsi soit-il» won the Silver Lion at the Venice Film Festival in 1997. He has directed the following features among others: Karmen Geï in 2001 and «Et si Latif avait raison» (doc), «Plan Jaxaay», , and «It’s My Man!». He currently lives in New Orleans, where he is co- President and director of the New Orleans African Film and Arts Festival (NOAFEST)

  • ANOUAR BRAHEM (Tunisie)

Musician and composer Anouar Brahem is a renown representative of Tunisian music throughout the world. Anouar Brahem is also the composer of the original soundtrack of a number of films and plays, such as «Sabots en or» and «Bezness» by Nouri Bouzid, «Halfaouine» by Ferid Boughedir, «Les silences du palais» and «La saison des hommes» by Moufida Tlatli.

  • ATIQ RAHIMI (Afghanistan)

Born in Afghanistan in 1962, Atiq Rahimi fled to France in 1984 as a political refugee. He bacome a well known writer and a film and documentary maker of exceptional note. His feature film «Earth and Ashes» was released in 2005 to great acclaim. His novel Syngué Sabour won the Goncourt Prize.

  • ELHAM SHAHINE (Egypte)

Egyptian actress. She made her first public appearance when Director Kamal Yassin introduced her in the play, «A Nymph from Mars». She began her career in movies in 1981 with «Mothers in Exile», and in 1982 played in «Shame». She has played in numerous films and won many awards in Egypt and around the world.


Soulef Fawakherji is a prominent Syrian film and TV actress. She has played many roles in Syrian soap operas. Fawakherji studied art and sculpture before starring in plays, including Al-Sawt (The Voice) and Hekayat al-Shetaa (Winter Tales).


Diane Baratier is the daughter of Jacques and Néna Baratier. She has bathed in cinema since her childhood. Trained in cinematography by Raoul Coutard, she was hired by Eric Rohmer in 1991 and worked with him on his last nine films. She had the pleasure of lighting two of Raja Amari’s films. In 2009, she directed a documentary on the work of her father, Jacques Baratier.