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Opening film

Dégage ( Tunisia 2012 )

Color: Documentary, color, 92’

Direction: Mohamed Zran

Screenplay: Mohamed Zran

Director of Photography: Mohamed Zran

Sound: Hechmi Joulak

Music: Amine Bouhafa

Editing: Bechir Bejaoui, Nadia Ben Rachid

Cast: -

Production: Sangho films / Quinta communication


December 17 was the day of the self-immolation of Mohamed Bouazizi. The flame of youth and ideals won and the Arab dictatorships began to collapse one after the other. Then, very quickly, the Islamists will confiscate the revolution to those who invented and produced it. Now in power, Islamists threaten to shatter the dreams and hopes of an entire generation.


Mohamed Zran has a degree from ESEC, Paris. His filmography includes: The Stone Breaker (1990), Ya Nabil (1993), Essaïda (1996), great popular success and 15 international awards, The Song of the Millennium (2002), Official Selection Panorama in Berlin 2003 and documentary award in Trebica New York 2003, the Prince (2004) jury award in Woujda-Morocco, editing award at FESPACO, Living here (2009), award for best Director in Abu Dhabi 2009, Grand Prix at the International Mediterranean Festival of Tetouan 2010, award for best Mediterranean Film in Sardegna 2010 youth Award in Apt-France.