50 posters for 50 years of JCC
This exhibit is a journey through the History of African cinema through its posters. Its goal is to make us discover the graphic creativity of several artists from the continent, who designed and created promotional materials for 50 of the most important films of our continent.
The exhibit was made possible through the availability of a collection of about 400 posters collected and published 20 years ago by the African Film Festival of Milan.

50 years of Tunisian cinema seen from the movie sets.
The 27th session of the JCC is also fifty years of cinema. This will also be the first public event made by ACTI in favor of the Artists Healthcare Mutuelle that has been launched lately. Beyond the limelight, it’s time to pay tribute to those who made Tunisian cinema exist : technicians working in the shadows and light makers.
Through these technicians and their set pictures taken during filming and mostly unpublished, we will witness subjective defining moments in the History of Tunisian cinema since independence. A way to remind the younger generations that Tunisian cinema today exists thanks to the past.

An exhibit tribute to women pioneers of Tunisian cinema
A tribute will be paid to Haydée Chikli Tamzali and other female pioneers of Tunisian cinema such as Flifla Chamia, Hassiba Rochdi, Zohra Faiza and Jamila Ourabi. This exhibition is a tribute to our female artists, who managed with their passion and courage to assert themselves on the screen at a time when social conservatism reduced them to family space and stiffled their wishes and creativity.

The cinema of Chahine through the lens of Bakr
Images to celebrate the return of Youssef Chahine to the JCC, a festival he loved so much and where he lived glorious times and joy among filmmakers from Africa and the Arab world. Through the eyes of the most famous Egyptian photographer Mohamed Bakr, pictures that guide us through the world of Youssef Chahine.