Opening film

Salma 37, an ambulance driver, is a witness to the daily harsh reality of Tunisian society. She left her husband, 55 years old artist-sculptor Hicham, for his ethylic passive-aggressive behavior. Disturbed and disoriented, their only son, Mourad 17, drifts away from his mother to find refuge with a Salafi group, before disappearing. When Salma receives a phone call from her son informing her that he left to fight alongside jihadists, she decides to go to Syria to bring him back.

She crosses the Syrian border through Turkey and poses as a militant of the Islamist cause. She will work under the control of Jabhat al-nosra, the armed rebel jihadist group affiliated with al-Qaida, while hiding her true motivations...

at the bedside of the wounded, in the midst of the concubines, or in the kitchen, her commitment is only equal to her desire to find her child. Will she find him and will she manage to extract him out of the Syrian hell?

the flower of aleppo

Ridha Behi - Tunisien & Syrien ( 2015 )

the flower  of aleppo