The JCC at the University

To curb the disappearance of movie theaters in the country, the JCC want to be «promoters» of new spaces for film screenings.
Last year, with the collusion of students, teachers and faculty staff, Manouba University opened its lecture hall to screen films of the official competition.
For its 50 year anniversary and true to its commitment to push boundaries, JCC is going to more learning places. Five universities, Tunis, Nabeul, Tunis El Manar, Gafsa and Jendouba are joining Manouba with the mission to give students from the capital and internal regions, access, on their own turf, to new images, discoveries and emotions from Africa, the Arab World and elsewhere.

  • The University of Arts and Literature in Manouba
  • The University of Tunis El Manar
  • The Faculty of Human et Social Sciences in Tunis – 9 April
  • The University of Gafsa
  • The University of Jendouba
  • The University of Carthage in Nabeul