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Projects Workshop

Grants for project development

Call for projects: Regulations

Article 1: Object

The Carthage Film festival has launched a grant for project development targeting African and Arab film projects. With this choice, the organizers want to contribute to the promotion and the development of projects carried by African and Arab creators, therefore bringing their support to the film industry in countries of The South.

Article 2: Dates

The grant(s) for project development of CFF will be awarded at the end of the sessions undertaken within the Projects Workshop on 22 and 23 November 2012 according to the conditions below.

Article 3: Application

This call for projects is open to screenwriters and directors from an African or Arab State or of Arab and African origin.

Article 4: Pre-selection

The selection committee for the Projects Workshop will retain 10 proposed long feature drafts. The projects selected will then be presented and discussed in accordance with Article 6.

An author can only apply for one project.

Article 5: Projects submissions

a) Pre-selection:

Film makers and producers wishing to participate at the Projects Workshop must send for each project, the following attachments in French or in English.

  • The application form duly filled Download the registration form for the Projects Workshop pdf
  • A summary of the subject (five lines maximum) in French or Arabic and English
  • A treatment (10 to 15 pages) in French and / or Arabic and English
  • A statement of intent in French and / or Arabic and English
  • A scenario in French and / or Arabic and English
  • The director CV in French and / or Arabic and English
  • An estimate of the development of writing
  • A simplified estimate of the film
  • A financing plan
  • A DVD of a film previously made
  • A CV of the producer
  • A photo of the director
All Mandatory attachments are to be mailed in five copies and one copy emailed in Pdf format. Only complete applications are reviewed.

b) Covenants:

This call excludes projects that already obtained either:
  • A grant for production aid, an advance on earnings or incentives for film production....
  • A grant for film development or film writing from a donor institution partner of the 2012 Projects Workshop or the Tunisian Ministry of Culture.
Requests must be sent in 5 copies by regular mail.

Mailing address : Direction des JCC 2012, BP N°46 - 1008 Tunis Bab Menara Tunisie

One additional copy must be sent in a Pdf format

Article 6: Reviewing the projects and selection procedure

To review projects, CFF will convene a selection committee of recognized personalities from the audiovisual field. These personalities are renowned for their action in favor of art-house cinema as well as African and Arab cinemas. The selected projects will be brought to the attention of the international jury a month before the discussion and will be reviewed and discussed during the festival.

Directors / writers of these projects will be expected to support their case before the jury. It is understood that the Festival will bear the travel and stay of one person per project.

Following closed consultations, the jury will select the successful projects.

The winners will be announced at the Awards ceremony of the Carthage Film Festival.

The winning projects will receive a grant for development that will be awarded to the author.

All submitted projects participating in the workshop will be automatically registered at the Projects Workshop.

Article 7: In return

The recipients of the grants awarded by the Projects Workshop will pledge that the following text will appear in the credits of the finished film and on any promotional material:

"This film has benefited from the Help of the Carthage Projects Workshop, (or CFF) in 2012."

Article 8: General rules

These present regulations are written in French and English. In case of disagreement on the interpretation of the text, the French version is the rule.

The CFF steering committee is the sole decider for questions that are not covered by these regulations. It can, among things, for reasons of a serious nature, left to its discretion and its appreciation, cancel, delay, curtail or interrupt the grant, without any recourse.

Article 9: Litigation

Applications for participation at the CFF Projects Network imply the unconditional acceptance of these regulations. The civil court in Tunis has sole jurisdiction in any dispute.

* The registration form can be downloaded from the festival website: www.jccarthage.com

pdf Download rule form the Projects Workshop