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Mohamed Médiouni
Steering Committee President
Carthage Film Festival is back in its 24th session, 16 to 24 November 2012.

So mark the dates!!

Mark the dates for more than one reason.

Firstly, this is the first edition after Tunisia’s Jasmine Revolution that started the Arab Spring.

Mark the dates also, for this session will have the double task of going back to basics and the pioneering spirit of its founding in 1966; a spirit whose relevance and values remain intact, while reinventing an approach that reflects the realities of the 21st century.

What vision, what new proposals, what prospects are offered in response to numerous and legitimate expectations. How to meet the expectations of young Tunisians who exported to the world concepts of freedom, justice and dignity?

To answer these questions, the team in charge of the session had no choice but to put art and culture at the center of its concerns. Its members fulfill their mission out of conviction and with a commitment to defend creativity and the right to create. In fact, it is the only motto that drives their orientations and choice.

The Steering Committee of CFF has opted to federate associations, industry professionals, institutions and national talents around the event. We are working to prepare the festival in a context of consultation, discussion and proposals.

This is done hand in hand with an organizing committee that listens to the concerns of the film industry as well as the needs of the public. We are driven by an obligation of results and a clear break with the past. We do this for our local audiences as well as our international guests, proving once again Carthage Film festival commitment to promoting Arab and African cinema, for nearly five decades.

CFF is much more than a flagship event of the Tunisian art scene. It is an asset and a precious national treasure. It is up to everyone to preserve and develop it so that it continues to live and serve the cultural influence of Tunisia.

But a festival is first and foremost about films. A crop of films selected from around the world for every viewers pleasure. It is also an opportunity to live and experiment new discoveries, have meetings and debates on current topics and projects to implement. Our programming is ambitious, coherent and eclectic in nature to satisfy the most demanding movie buff. We promise you some exciting surprises!

One thing is for sure! Young people will be at the heart of the session and they will set up the pace!

Carthage Film Festival is also a meeting place for international film industry professionals. In today’s environment without borders, issues of production and distribution of Arab-African cinemas are more relevant than ever. It is the right venue to rethink and revitalize these principles and channels using our own genius to dock them to the dynamics of a globalized world, in constant and immediate movement. After all, we live in a world where digital technologies make everything closer and, paradoxically, less accessible.

For all these reasons, my dear friends: Save the dates!

Mohamed Médiouni
Steering Committee President