Projects’ workshop

Presentation of the projects’ workshop

Since 1992, the Carthage Film Festival Projects’ Workshop offers to African and Arab screenwriters the possibility to develop their scripts thanks to the attribution of development grants from International organisms.
The Projects’ Workshop jury will audition the eleven authors of the selected projects on the mornings of October 29th and 30th at the Tunisia Palace.
Four grants will be offered by the ALECSO, the International Organisation of French Speaking countries (OIF) , the French Institute for Cooperation in Tunis (IFC) and CULTURESFRANCE for the “Sotigui Kouyate” grant.
A writing residence at the Moulin d’Andé will be offered by the National Centre of Cinematography (CNC, France) and one of the projects will be selected for the next Dubai Film Connection at Dubai Film Festival.
The prize list will be announced on October 31st during the closing ceremony of Carthage Film festival.

Juries projects’ workshop

President: Mme Marie-Pierre HAUVILLE (France)
  • Mme Souad HOUSSEIN (Djibouti)
  • M. Lucas ROSANT (France)
  • M. Imunga IVANGA (Gabon)
  • M. Mustapha HASNAOUI (Tunisie)

Selected projects

  • Bahara de Yanis Koussim
  • Robin du web de Honoré Essoh
  • Né un 1er août de Naima Bachiri
  • Red Light District de Cheeka Didi
  • 3000 nuits de Mai Masri
  • Vague de chaleur de Riyad Deis
  • Sokho de Marie Ka
  • DamaScenes de Anas Khalaf
  • Al yasmine de Ismahane Lahmar
  • Manège de Mohammed Ben Attia
  • Fataria de Walid Tayaa